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"James Kim is thorough, knowledgeable, honest, accommodating, competitively priced and sincere. What sets him apart from other inspectors is his background in structural engineering. He is able to tell our clients significantly more about the structure and soundness of a building or house than many other inspectors would be able to do. He is also able to give a good understanding of what is acceptable and what can be fixed, as well as what they should absolutely walk away from. When we have used Mr. Kim for the first inspection, our clients have asked for him for all their subsequent inspections. We would recommend Mr. Kim over any inspector we have ever used."

- Gary and Lois Koch, Realtors, Country Estates, Agoura Hills, CA

"Hiring James as our inspector literally saved us thousands of dollars!

- Carolyn P., Accountant, Yelper, Home-Owner, Woodland Hills

"I'm a former home inspector, and for my money, James is one of the few good guys still left in our field. See, a lot of inspectors these days can run your ear off about county and state code violations, but couldn't spot a solid foundation if it fell on his head. James is a real engineer who's built plenty of houses with his own hands to boot, so he understands the fundamentals... don't waste your time or money on a paper-certified home incspector. Save yourself the hassle and go find James Kim."

- Thomas S., retired home inspector and contractor, Los Angeles, CA

"Getting your building checked by Mr. Kim is worth it for the peace of mind alone. He clearly knows his stuff, and more importantly, Mr. Kim can explain to you what you should and shouldn't be worried about. With a worrywart like me, let's just say I was being a little paranoid for my own good! Thanks to Mr. Kim, at least now I know!"

- Renee L., homeowner, Encino

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